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Callbot for Social Clubs
Callbot is built for updating groups of people who have a common factor, like being part of the same group or club, but who don't make sense to be on a mass text thread.

Texting and text groups can be effective, but sometimes a phone call is necessary- to disseminate quick information, to ensure delivery, and for the privacy of the receiver.

Cancellations / Schedule Changes
Update a group of up to 300 people (per call) of cancellations or scheduling changes. Make sure the message is delivered to everyone, at the same time.

Event Schedules / Promotions
Is your club running an event, a special performance, or a promotion? Let everyone know with a quick recorded call and increase your attendance.

Special Instructions
Change the location of your event. Add a secret password to get in that earns entry or promotion. Drive attendance and engagement using Callbot.

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